'What does Battlestar Galactica mean to you?'

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My grandmother died, therefore hiatus.

Laura Roslin | Colours

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Favourite Courtney Act Looks
  ↳ ‘Welcome to Disgraceland’ music video (x)

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Citadel - Presidium


For Lent I’m just giving up in general 

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and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while

Get to know me meme5 current celebrity crushes
[2/5] Katee Sackhoff


when you recognize a word from another language you’ve just begun to learn and ur like hEYHeY HEY WAIT I KNOW THAT MEANS and it’s probably some thing insignificant like ‘today’ or ‘maybe’ buT YOURE SO PROUD STILL LIKE HELL YEAH

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